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So i have decided that my health is extremely important to me. Tomorrow/today (it’s 01:30 here right now) i will start with basic cardio and until I’m ready, I’ll pump it up a bit more.

Wish Me LUCK! :D

Writing again

So I’m starting to write again, but this time i will start at the beginning. I’ll start with essays and work my way up.

I’ve always been a writer at heart, I’ve been in love with the English language and literature since i could remember and reading for me is hardest to forget - it’s impossible.

it’s something i escape into. In sixth grade, i started out with writing songs because that was my first heartbreak, he wasn’t even mine. Taylor Swift got me into writing songs, i remember hearing Teardrops and i kept thinking, “I want to help someone the way this helps me.” and then i started. i have over eighty songs, over nine books full of poetry and three journals full on my days of suffering and heartbreak and they contain my shadows, my demons and my angels.

I want to write. I NEED TO WRITE. i was born to write.

"Maybe you were needed up there, but we’re still unaware as why."
-Ed Sheeran
Fuck it, I’ll do one of these too.


I’ll write the URL’s of everyone who likes/reblogs this where I would usually cut for a month, or how long itr takes me stop cutting altogether by myself~

Why? Because. Thats why. o.o

So I managed to stop myself from cutting


I knew the feeling of happiness afterwards would only be temporary, so I stopped. I feel I should be happier about the progress but i’m just not. I’m glad though, maybe this means I won’t fuck things up again in the future because I can’t control myself.

im extremely proud of you. <3

"If we could only be quicker and be quick to be kind."
- I Blame Coco




I need to cut

but you sometimes have to forget what you want. i’ve been there. i know it’s hard. you have to forget what you want and remember what you deserve. You deserve to smile and be happy and live your life and not hurt yourself.

you are beautiful and wonderful.

remember that

xx :)


I’ll be here if you want someone to talk to :) <3